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Roles of Geriatric Nurses

Geriatric nurses are those nurses who look after the patient of old age. Due to decrease of abilities to hear, communicate and understand it gets challenging to take care of them. Such aged individuals are looked after and treated by Geriatric nurses. They're responsible to manage, offer proper treatment and quality life to aged individuals. They can work in home health agencies, government agencies, insurance companies, treatment facilities and social service agencies. Click here to know about CNA schools in Georgia.

There are numerous kinds of Geriatric Nursing that may be done by nursing students. A few of them are:

1. MSN Gerontological Nurse Practitioner - The nurse practitioner can also study MSN in Geriatric and treat Geriatric patients.

2. MSN Gerontological Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) - The CNS can move deeper in his or her area by learning gerontology.

3. Post-Grad Certificate in Gerontology Nursing - Graduate level RNs can move on their study as a Post-Grad in Geriatric Nursing.

There are various works to be done by Geriatric nurses. Their typical duties are:

* Counseling and educating the family members of the patients.

* Assisting doctors during procedures and exams

* Performing patient medical exams in home or inside a medical office

* Establishing a patient treatment plan and setting health goals

* Administering medicines to patients based on a care plan

Prior to enrolling for the Program of Geriatric Nursing there are specific requirements that should be meet by the students. One ought to have a Degree of either Associate or Bachelor Degree in Nursing. One should have some experience as an RN with 2000hours of medical work and also have a legitimate license. One must have passed the certification examination. After that one can enroll for the study.

The curriculum of Geriatric Nursing is:

* Introduction to Geriatric care management

* Aging as a Reality

* Psychosocial Issues in Aging

* Balancing Aging and Independence

* Financial Concerns of the Aged

* Legal and Moral Problems in Geriatric Care Management

* Successful Aging

The Geriatric nurses are trained to perform care for the whole life stages that are aging adult, adult, adolescent, child and neonate. The entry level RNs might work in hospitals. They might begin operating in acute care or crucial care and then later on move on with Nursing home, long-term care. But at first they're taught to operate under the supervision of skilled nurses. Some might work independently where they are able to work as educators, case managers, decision maker, and nurse leader or as a palliative care nurses.

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